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Our Mission

Optimizing Efficiency. Reducing Cost and Environmental Footprint.
Over the years, Infinity has scaled tremendously to meet the needs of the market. From self-sourcing guar to the most advanced fleets of equipment for onsite chemical blending and storage, Infinity is uniquely capable of maximizing efficiency for customers. We offer seasoned experts in hydraulic fracturing, chemistry, engineering, and water management to drive the best solutions in the industry.


Safety. Quality. Consistency. Dependability.

The mission of Infinity is to provide the highest quality products and services to the oil and gas industry in the safest way possible. With a level of quality that meets or exceeds industry standards, our ambition is to surpass every client’s expectations while safeguarding the people and environment around us.

As we continue to expand our product catalog, workforce, customer base, and business, we have made it our mission to perfect and maintain our industry reputation as the standard in safety, quality, consistency, and dependability.

Integration. Innovation. Results.

We believe that in order to continually advance and streamline the oil and gas industry, we must remain highly integrated with our customers, our people, and across the whole Infinity enterprise. This means leveraging our collective knowledge and resources to find the most innovative solutions and strategies that result in economies of scale and decreased environmental footprint within the industry.