Paraffin Inhibitors


Paraffin inhibitors are used to protect the wellbore, production tree, and subsea pipelines/flowlines from plugging. The injection of these chemical inhibitors is dependent on the composition of the produced fluids. Injection can occur continuously at the tree, pipeline, manifold, and other critical areas while the production flow is hot, and to batch treatments at production start-up and shut-down processes. The wax content, pour point, and other factors are determined prior to beginning production to determine the chemical(s) needed, if any, and the best method for treatment. 

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Flow assurance problems are generally associated with the naturally occurring paraffins in crude oils which present many problems for the oil industry. Challenges in both production and transportation of crude oils include wax deposition, flow problems and gelling, which are most evident in subsea and deep water operations. Our products use advanced technology to prevent wax flow assurance problems.


  • Best in class cold flow properties
  • New technology developed specifically for improving flow assurance
  • High functionality in sub-sea offshore deployment specifically in light crude oils and cold climates
  • High activity (50 %)

Whether you require a pour point depressant (PPD), wax inhibitor or cold flow improver, our newly developed products could provide the performance required. Specifically these products demonstrate high performance in subsea offshore deployment for light crude oils where wax deposition can restrict flow in pipelines.

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