Blending and Reaction Synthesis

Infinity's specialty is providing toll manufacturing capabilities to meet your product development and product line extension requirements. Since our inception we have produced thousands of precise formulations for many of the nation’s largest chemical companies.

Our versatile, reliable and cost-effective blending capabilities for liquids and dry materials meet your custom synthesis chemistry needs, including:

  • Aminations
  • Nitrations
  • Metals removal
  • Acidations
  • Neutralizations
  • Acylations
  • Oxidation/reduction
  • Organometallic synthesis
  • Ammoniations
  • Saponifications

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Custom Dilutions

Eliminate the hassle and expense of manufacturing your own dilutions. At Infinity, we dilute a variety of chemicals to suit precise client specifications. From custom acid and base dilutions to sulfuric acid dilutions, we produce by the tanker, tote or drum. As a leading distributor of ammonia concentrates, we offer competitive pricing with assured, on-time delivery.

Technical & Laboratory Support

Infinity maintains an on-site laboratory for sample processing, product testing and quality assurance purposes. We support formula and laboratory-scale product development capabilities to monitor and confirm product specifications. Technical experts are available to conduct wet chemistry analysis, trace analysis and a variety of laboratory functions to ensure products meet specified quality standards. A certificate of analysis on Infinity stationery or your own company letterhead is available upon request.

Our lab hosts a suite of equipment and tools that support:

  • Titration (coulometric and volumetric)
  • Specific gravity
  • Viscosity
  • Lab scale production
  • Wet chemistry
  • pH
  • Non-volatile analysis

In-Process Storage

We provide bulk storage of raw materials as well as finished products and custom blends. Our on-site terminaling capabilities hold large chemical quantities to ensure we meet the rapid demands of your business. The Infinity tank farm of 42 bulk storage units affords us the ability to receive, process, warehouse and transport various raw materials and solutions in a single, turn-key environment.

Packaging & Labeling

Specialized chemical packaging and labeling is available through Infinity. Let us package your drum, IBC tote or tank based on your shipping and customer needs. We offer private labeling, showcasing your company name, logo and information on all labels and shipping documentation. Our personnel are available to work with you to print high-resolution labels.

Logistics Management

We can assist you with sourcing carriers and scheduling shipments to you or to your customer. Infinity offers blind shipping services and a customized certificate of analysis. We ensure DOT and hazmat compliance and provide any documentation and handling support required for state, federal and international shipping mandates.

Toll Manufacturing

Infinity is fluent on the strategic benefits to your company for outsourcing chemical manufacturing and custom blending solutions. We alleviate the burden and expense of owning and operating your own manufacturing facilities, while providing quality chemical solutions to meet your business needs. By providing an extensive array of custom chemical manufacturing and toll blending services we help your company to:

Avoid Manufacturing Complexities

  • We provide unique capabilities and services that supplement your products and services
  • Your company resources remain focused on your organization’s core competencies
  • We own, operate and maintain all toll manufacturing facilities and equipment
  • We custom blend to meet your specific chemical needs
  • We provide R&D partnering, scale-up services and initial production for market testing
  • We offer interim, temporary or long-term production flexibility as your needs evolve

Save Time and Money

  • You avoid large capital outlays for facilities, equipment and raw materials
  • We are specialists who maintain production and operational efficiencies
  • We support your short lead-time and just-in-time requests
  • We provide bulk shipments and savings
  • We offer prototyping and small-lot production
  • We maintain established relationships with raw material suppliers

Reduce Requirements and Regulations

  • We provide knowledgeable and proficient engineering, technical and maintenance staff
  • We ensure governmental regulations are met
  • We uphold ISO and OSHA standards
  • We maintain on-going staff training and certification