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The mission of Infinity is to provide the highest quality products and services to the oil and gas industry in the safest way possible.


Standard turn around time for our lab service is 5-7 business days.

Rush turn-around must be requested and approved prior to sample delivery.

Rush Order 24 hour turn around time = 50% markup

Rush Order Same day turn around time = 100% markup


Coldfinger Analysis  

Oil Analysis-1

We have the ability to test both dry and wet oils during our Coldfinger Analysis.


 Water Analysis 

Water Analysis  

During our Water Analysis we can test for items such as Barium, Calcium, Chloride, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Scaling Tendencies, etc. 

 Oil Analysis 

Oil Analysis-1

We perform an assorted array of oil analysis including API Gravity, Aspahltene Content, Cloud Point, Pour Point and Total Wax.  


Solids Analysis

 Solids Analysis

Our Solids Analysis tests include paraffin solvency, qualitative solids identification, and quantitative solids identification.


Oil and Grease Analysis

Oil and Grease Analysis

Our Oil and Grease Analysis can test for items such as fats, oils, waxes, and other related constituents found in water. 


 Liquid FTIR 

Liquid FTIR Analysis

Our FTIR analysis can be used to identify unknown liquids, contamination, additives, and more. 

Millipore Analysis

Millipore Analysis-1

Our Millipore Analysis closely follows the prescribed methodologies prescribed in NACE Standard 0173 Method. 


 Coupon Analysis 

Coupon Analysis

We can perform Corrosion Coupon Analysis(MPY only), Scale Coupon Analysis(with pictures), Corrosion Coupon Analysis(with pictures).



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