Water Analysis for the Oil and Gas Industry

Providing water analysis for the oil and gas industry enhances our clients’ understanding of the industrial waters they rely on for unimpeded production.

Independent water analysis for the oil and gas industry offers organisations a detailed insight into the makeup of the fluids they require to maintain the consistency of their operations. 

Oil and gas production is heavily reliant on a range of waters - from produced water that must be monitored to maintain the integrity of reservoirs, wells and hardware, to the vital potable supplies on offshore platforms

Water analysis is important to maintain the health of your water systems and typically forms part of a comprehensive management strategy. 

Such monitoring methods need to be implemented and maintained to ensure that you are adhering to best practice and acknowledging any important alterations in microbial activity or water quality.

Providing valued water analysis to oil and gas businesses and a full spectrum of related support to clients worldwide, we are the ideal partner to deliver your services.

We possess capabilities in analyzing a wide range of waters for the exploration and production industry, including reservoir, potable and cooling water.

Typical analyses we perform include examinations of oil in water, chloride, cations, anions, water pH and alkalinity, specific gravity, resistivity, suspended solids and chemical oxygen demand.

Enabling access to much-needed support at short-notice, our fully trained personnel are available to undertake both onshore and offshore sampling.

At Infinity Energy, our extensive experience, in-house knowledge and cutting-edge facilities allow us to provide you with first-line technical support and timely, reliable analysis results.

With teams of world-class chemists located strategically around the globe to meet the needs of the exploration and production industry, you can access our support regardless of your location. 

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Download Guide to Oilfiield Chemicals

For oilfield water analysis, Infinity utilizes a spectrophotometry, titration, and other analytical methods to determine:

  • Barium Content,
  • Calcium Content,
  • Chloride,
  • Iron,
  • Magnesium,
  • Potassium,
  • Sodium, and
  • Sulfate.

The oilfield water analysis also determines:

  • Alkalinity Information,
  • Conductivity and Resistivity Information,
  • pH Level,
  • Specific Gravity, and
  • Total Dissolved Solids.

In addition to the above information, a Stiff-Davis Saturation Index is also provided that predicts the scale forming tendency of the sample.

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